Effective social media strategy for leads or sales starts with market research. We will begin your sales funnel by driving website traffic from social to your online designation and split testing different audiences, creatives, and placements to define the most effective strategy for your brand.

After a well developed and optimized traffic campaign, we adjust the optimization of your campaign from traffic to conversions – focusing either on lead generation or purchases. We will also layer in a re-marketing campaign to move cold traffic (new users) further down your funnel by showing them a secondary ad to compel them to return to your offer. This warm traffic audience has a higher rate of conversion at a lower acquisition cost.

To build a more complex campaign, we have the ability to design landing pages and email marketing campaigns as needed. Our sales funnel pricing is based on scope of work and budget; paired with organic content or as a stand alone service.

Let us know your goals and we’ll give you a strategy and quote for your brand’s funnel and growth.


Instagram Growth & Engagement Campaign

Struggling to get your follower count up? Want more of your target demographic to view your Instagram profile? We utilize advertising on Instagram to deliver ads for your brand to your target audience(s) on Instagram. These ad creatives will promote and link to your Instagram profile, so that when a potential customer clicks, they will be redirected to your profile where they can review and engage with your content, and follow your account.

This campaign thus works to grow your follower count amongst your core demographic, and by including a meaningful link in your Instagram bio, this campaign can increase traffic to your website or desired destination as well.

Facebook Likes & Follower Growth

Ready to build your following with Facebook ad campaigns? We know how to do just that with a Facebook Likes campaign. We’ll create unique Facebook page ads that bring your audience to your page through a clear call-to-action, driving future fans of your brand to like your page.

Facebook Content Engagement

Let’s put your content right in front of your target audience and get the conversation going. With a Facebook Boost campaign, we can focus on your top-performing posts and push it out to those who are going to love it most.

Product Photography

Product photography is the best way to showcase your products in a beautiful way and provide authentic, branded visual content for your social media feeds. Having professional product images on your social pages will not only help establish your brand as an authority in your industry, but it also helps to educate your audience about the benefits of the products you’re selling.


Leave the blogging to us! Blogging is an effective marketing service tool for improving your website’s page ranking, which is valuable for driving Google organic traffic (SEO) to your website and building your brand’s online credibility. We’ll write keyword-rich blog articles to share online that position your small business brand as a thought-leader and an expert in your industry.

Influencer Outreach

Increase your brand exposure and build deeper connections with your audience through Influencer Outreach! We’ll actively engage with social media influencers on your behalf. By partnering with influencers who want to post about your product, your brand will receive increased exposure on social media networks from the influencers’ large and relevant audience.