Effective strategy for leads or sales starts with market research. We will begin your sales funnel by driving website traffic and split testing different audiences, creatives, and placements to define the most effective strategy for your brand.

After a well developed and optimized traffic campaign, we adjust the optimization of your campaign from traffic to conversions – focusing either on lead generation or purchases. We will also layer in a re-marketing solution campaign to move cold traffic (new users) further down your funnel by showing them a secondary ad to compel them to return to your offer. This warm traffic audience has a higher rate of conversion at a lower acquisition cost.

To build a more complex campaign, we have the ability to design landing pages and email marketing campaigns and deep dive with business analysis sessions as needed. Our sales funnel pricing is based on scope of work and budget; paired with organic content or as a stand alone service.

Let us know your goals and we’ll give you a solutions strategy and quote for your brand’s funnel and growth. Email topangamedia@gmail.com